Admin/Technical/Office hours

Tel: 018 468 7293


After hours ONLY
Cell: 083 3900 411

Koshcom Critical After hour Support

!For more critical after hours issues please send a detailed SMS to 083 3900 411.
Please note that this number will only be for after hour support.



Broadband Internet

We provide both capped and uncapped solutions.

Capped Packages

Capped Broadband Internet is a premium unshaped and unthrotled Bandwidth. We offer caps from 2Gig or as much as you need. We can supply and fulfil your needs.

Uncapped Packages

Our uncapped Internet is unshaped as well but throttled based on our Fair Usage Policy. Our goal is to provide the best possible internet experience for all our customers using uncapped services and as such we reserve the right to manage uncapped users in order to achieve optimal performance to all clients across our Network.

Are you interested in a capped or uncapped internet package?

We have bundles to suit every need.

VOIP Solution

Koshcom also offer Telephony Services commercially known as VOIP or Voice Over IP. This technology allows you to make a normal voice telephone call over an internet connection, which means lower costs.

The biggest cost saver on our VOIP Network is that all cost to other VOIP users on the network is no cost 24/7. We have developed our own VOIP Service and can supply a simple Geographic number 018 011 ****.

You do not need a Telkom line to have a local telephone number. We can also use your existing Geographical number. This process is called number porting and refers to the transfer of a telephone/fax number between service providers.

Fax Solution

We offer fax services that work on our own network and does not need any Telkom lines.

Network Connectivity

Our network works on wireless technology making use of our towers in and around the KOSH area, no ADSL line is required to have any of our services.

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